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Sub Catalog DescriptionTotal Items
Fish Products From the Nordic seas  19
Canned Fish Product Herring, salmon, sardines, mackerel, fish cakes, fish balls, cod roe, caviar and lots more!  48
Cheese All kinds of great Scandinavian cheese.  18
Apparel Authentic Scandinavian clothing such as hats, shirts, sweaters, scarfs ect.   45
Meat Product and Dinner Items A large selection of fresh deli meats and dinner items.   11
Candies Scandinavian candies imported drirect from Scandinavian countries  101
Crispbreads, Lefse, Crackers and Cookies A huge selection of Scandinavian breads, crackers, crispbread, and cookies.  63
Figurines and Trolls Hand crafted figurines and Trolls from Scandinavia   23
Soups, Gravies and Sauce Mixes Here you'll find delicious gravies and sauces for all your cooking needs.  17
Kitchenware and Household Supplies Cookie cutters. cheese slicers, scrub brushes, Krumkake Irons, and much more.  21
Cookbooks Cookbooks for your traditional baking needs.  22
Beverages Here you'll find a nice selection of juices, sodas, syrups, and beverage mixes.  21
Condiments Great tasting Scandinavian mustards.  20
Baking Ingredients, Desserts, Pancake Mixes All your Baking needs such as flour, spices, sugar, etc.  31
Preserves Great tasting jams and preserves imported direct from Scandinavia  12
Ceramic Giftware, Porcelain, Mugs Scandinavian Mugs, Plates and Tiles  41
Gifts and Miscellaneous Napkins, candles, Christmas lights, Mugs and much more.   56
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