Olsen's Scandinavian Foods

Scandinavian food importer in Seattle

Members of the Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish communities are often found at Olsen's Scandinavian Foods. Besides providing you with many popular Scandinavian gifts and foods, Olsen's dedicates a large portion of their business to producing home made, traditional products. Some of our favorites are the award-winning:
  • pickled herring
  • fishcakes
  • meatballs
  • cold smoked salmon
  • lutefisk
During the holiday season you will find all the ingredients necessary to prepare an authentic Scandinavian Christmas feast. Specialty products such as:
  • pinnekjøtt
  • fenalår
  • svinneribbe
  • Julskinke
are all available for sale. Throughout the year we carry many popular foods from Europe.  In our shop you can find the best of imported:
  • cheeses
  • caviars
  • chocolates and sweets
  • crackers and crisp breads
  • a wide assortment of baking ingredients
  • meat sauces and soup mixes
Lefse has always been a favorite of our customers along with our homemade fyrstekake and cookies like krumkake, spritz, or serinerkaker.

Our mission at Olsen’s is to provide customer satisfaction with attention to detail. We are very grateful to all the Scandinavian people, loyal to their heritage, that support our store from across the United States and beyond. It is with thanks to our customers that we are the growing business we are today. Our store is a family owned and operated establishment. The owners are the Endresen sisters, Reidun and Anita. They are from Sandeid, Norway, a small town located near Stavanger. They moved to Seattle almost thirty years ago and have been working at the Olsen's store ever since.

Olsen’s is situated in the heart of Ballard, Washington (near the fishing harbor of Seattle). Starting in 1880 Ballard became a prominent Scandinavian community, known throughout the USA and even Scandinavia. There were many fishing boats, shingle mills, and sawmills in this northern suburb, which was annexed into Seattle in 1907.

All of our products are carefully selected to create a store, which looks, feels, and smells like a typical "forretning." In our store you can find anything from a waffle iron to salty black licorice. We are dedicated to providing you with only the best of service and a wide variety of Scandinavian foods, whether they be imported or homemade. Also available in our store is an expanding selection of memorabilia and gifts from Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. So stop by today and visit our store in Seattle, or purchase your foods or gifts directly from the online store (now with over 450 items) by clicking below. VELKOMMEN...

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